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Chaim's Love Song

Cast of 7 -- 3M, 4F. Simple unit set -- two park benches.

Chaim's Love Song opened Off Broadway in New York, August 18, 1998, at the Raymond Greenwald Theater, home of the American Jewish Theater. The New York Times review called the play a "rich affecting drama," that "balances wit and grave wisdom gracefully," and is "a funny, philosophical, lovely evening." The play closed February 14, 1999 after a run of 208 performances.

The play subsequentally ran for 144 performances at the Stage Door Theater in Coral Springs, Florida. It has also had long runs in Miami and Chicago, as well as in other theaters in Virginia, Texas, Indiana, Connecticut, and other places.

In 2008 it opened in England, Canada and Australia. In 2010 it opened in Tel Aviv.

Originally produced by the Bitter Truth Theater in North Hollywood, it ran for five months. This production earned the playwright the Valley Theater League's ADA (Artistic Director's Award) for best original comedy of 1998 and the producers the best original production award for 1998.

Several celebrity readings have been staged, starring first Shelley Berman at the West Coast Jewish Theater, and, later, Ed Asner at the L.A. West Side Jewish Community Center.

3 males, 4 females. Unit set.

Chaim Shotsky, a retired mailman in Brooklyn, is an American Tevye who tells his life story to Kelly Burke from Iowa. His exotic tale is rich with vitality. His friends include a philosophical baker, a Holocaust survivor with many secrets, his son and daughter, a matchmaker to end all matchmakers, movie star pigeons, and a host of Israelis. Chaim's story, a love song for life, is one of innocence, tragedy, struggle, humor, humanity and ultimately triumph. The strength of the play is the universality of the problems and solutions of everyday life.

A few published reviews are: "Rich and affecting...A funny, philosophical evening." -- N.Y. Times. "A lilting family drama." -- Entertainment Weekly. "A work brimming with rich ethnic humor." -- Suburban Town News. "Genuinely touching...Sold out for weeks to come." -- L.A. Times. "Will touch everyone's heart." -- Long Beach Press Telegram. "Great Jewish charm." -- Jewish Journal. "Sold out houses." -- Theatre Reviews. "Wise in the ways of mankind...a winner." -- Back Stage.

Chaim's Love Song is available through by Samuel French.

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