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The Howie Chronicles

Cast of 6 to 17 – 7M, 10F down to 4M, 2F. Simple unit set or blank stage.

Herschel (Americanized name is Howie) is a funny, imaginative, likeable, high energy, over-protected, sensitive, first generation son of Russian Jewish immigrants. He’s out to learn America so he can teach it to his parents – as long as it doesn’t take all day.

And so we start on the great life adventure called growing up! Howie begins his journey by biting his kindergarten teacher. He also finds out that learning America takes more than one day. The following years are equally triumphant, and often hilarious. His experiences in school, with women, love, and life, are all tightly drawn.

The Howie Chronicles, Act One, Scene One 1333
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