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Kafka's Kastle Kareer

Cast of 6 -- 3M, 3F. Simple set

A fantasy about Franz Kafka, one of the 20th century's most famous existentially alienated human beings and the important people in his life. As such, it incorporates many aspects of his life, and attempts to place you within Kafka's own world of anxiety.

More universally, this dark comedy is about "every person" who struggles to pursue his talent and live his unique life, in conflict with parental expectations and societal dehumanization. Although the ideas presented are quite serious, the play's form is absurd, bizarre, comic -- Kafkaesque. While drawing considerably from Kafka's life and writings, no previous knowledge on the part of the audience is assumed. For them, the play is an entertaining introduction to the world of Kafka. So, what might happen if Kafka journeyed from his horrific, tyrannical, critical home life to the horrific, bureaucratic, outside world of Kafka Land?

The play had an extended run at the Company of Angeles (Los Angelesís oldest repertory theater) and starred Marion Ross (from Happy Days and Brooklyn Bridge) and Paul Michael (from Fiddler on the Roof).

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