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Waking Charlotte Levy

Cast of 6 2M, 4F. Simple unit set: a bedroom.

An old fashioned, hilarious, romantic, middle-age falling in love comedy reminiscent of the great 1950s Doris Day/Rock Hudson comedies with my own personal twist.

Charlotte Levy, a divorced social worker, and Ben Gold, a widowed English Professor, are two lonely people afraid of change and unable to adapt to the modern dating scene. They meet for the first time at the LAX airport and fall head over heels in conflict and love. Their lives turn upside down and they find themselves in a Las Vegas hotel room. Over next few hours they explore their own psyches, memories, and each other. They experience suspicion, intimacy, bickering, risk taking, discovery, and incompatibility. Gradually, we learn who they are and watch as passionate, romantic, joyous, and irrational love develops the only kind worth having!

Originally performed by Marion Ross and Paul Michael, wonderful actors, friends, and people, as a fund raising event for the Temple of Judiasism, Los Angeles.

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