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Shund! A Pincus Senior Center Affair You Should Remember

Cast of 8 – 4M, 4F. Simple unit set: a recreation room.

A fanciful romantic loving tribute to Second Avenue Yiddish style comedy.

Shund – a term describing the schmaltzy melodramatic Yiddish theater of the early 1900's. ART(?) for the masses or TRASH(?) for the intellectuals or PLEASURE(?) for both.

The new insecure director of the Pincus Center, tries to enlist the seniors in a celebration for the center’s anniversary and its founder. No go, until an old time Yiddish actor arrives and stirs up the seniors to do a Yiddish style version of “Carmen.” Everything starts to change and innumerable crises occur.

A housewife becomes a Sarah Bernhardt. A tailor becomes a tyrannical Shakespearean playwright. A seltzer man and a shy widow fall in love and trouble, and the center’s director faces her low self esteem until she meets an unworldly Rabbi. After an outlandish, melodramatic working class versions of “Carmen Cohen From The Herring Factory” and “Cutlet” (from “Hamlet”), and after the hestitant Rabbi’s Talmudic wisdom, we finally come to the long awaited meeting of two star-crossed lovers, separated for 50 years. The senior love scene that ensues results in a triumphant miracle to remember.

Hilarity, conflict, crisis, wisdom, resolution, multiple love stories – all framed by the 1955 World Series between the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Yankees.

Shund Act One, Scene One 1459
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