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Howie Learns America

Thirty linked humorous growing up stories, from age 5 to 72. Howie (Herschel) Green is a funny, imaginative, likable, first generation American. He's out to learn America to teach it to his parents. On his first day in school he bites the leg of his kindergarten teacher. His experiences in schoo, with girls, at work as a professor / psychologist / playwright are all tightly drawn. At 72, we find Howie, still funny, imaginative, naive, and likable.

The play, THE HOWIE MONOLOGUES, is adapted from some of the stories in this book.

One of the author's other plays, CHAIM'S LOVE SONG, (published by Samuel French), has been produced Off Broadway and in many other cities. It is about a 74 year old American Tevye, his family, his friends, and his major life experiences. In many ways, Howie is the son of Chaim.

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